Essential Workers Transportation Program

Excelsior FHV Operators RPG, Inc., is a Risk Purchasing Group designed to provide benefits and services to For-Hire drivers in New York. We are pleased to share with you an opportunity offered by one of our vendors to secure work through the MTA’s Essential Workers Transportation Program. Our goal is to provide benefits, such as this opportunity, to New York Livery operators. We will be connecting with you in the near future to inform you of various beneficial programs.

Highlights of the MTA program are as follows:

  • Drivers can earn up to $400 a night
  • As much as 15 to 20 thousand drivers are needed for the program
  • Drivers in the program are eligible to work from 11:30PM to 6:00AM nightly
  • It is understood that the program will continue until further notice
  • Upon submission, you will be able to accept available trips

Please provide the following information to start the process and gain access to the program’s service provider registration page to complete the process.